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Web Application: DSO Home Screen

System Status & Information

Driving School Online is a prime example of an online web application. It allows driving schools to store vast information on things like its pupils, instructors, bookings, courses etc. It also manages company accounts, by storing company incomes and expenses. The system also has a dynamic diary system that shows an instructors working week. The diary displays colour coded blocks to show the availability of the instructor and any bookings that the instructor has. The system also has separate areas for the instructors and pupils to login to. It is a bespoke system tailered to a driving schools exact needs.

Software Development

We can build complete online applications that can assist your business in its day to day running. We can tailor make web applications to your business needs. In the past iPeak Designs has helped companies to run their businesses more easliy by integrating a bespoke system, this in turn has automatically increased company efficiancy. Our aim is to cut costs for our clients and therefore increase profits. Our applications will streamline your business and help with those daunting tedious tasks, which could all be done by an automated system. The possibilities are endless for your company, software can change the way you invoice, generate reciepts, store data on your clients, store company accounts and much more. Because all of our systems are bespoke you can tell us what you want and we can provide the solution.


We use the latest web techologies such as PHP, MySql, JavaScript and Ajax to produce our web applications. We are sure that whatever your requirements are we will be able to provide you with a solution that suits your needs. All of our systems are built to ensure that they are as simple and easy to use as possible.

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